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Globally anticipated new books by Germaine Moody
The 40 Laws of Networking

The 40 Laws of Networking

People are your greatest resource. They have the ability to hand over influence, wealth and power to anyone. The greater your people resources, the fewer limitations you will have in life. Networking is the key to make all of your limitations disappear. "The 40 Laws of Networking" will teach you how to become a master networker, how to obtain unlimited people resources, how to become a global personal brand, and how to use it all to create as much influence, wealth, and power as your heart desires.

Paperback. Free shipping/no tax (US residents, signed copies take up to 21 days for arrival).

The 40 Laws of Networking, Single Copy

Single copy $15.

Signed single copy $25.

Signed Copy, The 40 Laws Of Networking

Copy of both books $30.

40 Laws & 5 Rules.

Copy Of Both Books

Signed both books $45.

Signed Copies Of Both Books
5 Rules For Networking With Millionaires & Billionaires

5 Rules For Networking With Millionaires & Billionaires

Wealthy and highly successful people are attracted to individuals who embody specific characteristics, qualities, values and those who operate in a certain way. Their circles are guarded, their time is protected, their money is off limits, and for centuries these circles have been impossible to gain access to. Thanks to a fresh wave of technology and connectivity, many of them are now just one person away from you. "5 Rules For Networking With Millionaires & Billionaires" reveals the steps and strategies for connecting to the world's wealthiest people and how to leverage them to become one yourself.

Paperback. Free shipping & no tax (US residents, signed copies take up to 21 days for arrival).

Single copy $15.

5 Rules For Networking With Millionaires & Billionaires, Single Copy

Signed single copy $25.

Signed Single Copy, 5 Rules For Networking With Millionaires & Billionaires
Germaine Moody
Philanthropist | Investor | Entrepreneur

Germaine Moody is a philanthropist, investor, serial entrepreneur, and author, revered as a global networking leader and one of the most connected professionals in the world. He has produced networking events in over 40 major cities across 7 countries, and has been recognized three times as one of the world's top event producers by BizBash Magazine, alongside senior event producers from brands including TARGET, Mastercard, Rolex, Victoria Secret, Budweiser, LEXUS, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros Studios, HBO, OWN/The Oprah Winfrey Network, FOX, ABC, OSCARS, and more.


He serves on multiple business advisory boards, and is a voting member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYS and the International Fashion Film Awards.


As a philanthropist, Germaine is a dedicated volunteer, advocate and sponsor for multiple nonprofit organizations that assist the less fortunate. Through the developing Germaine Moody Foundation, he will use his platform to provide awareness and resources for Youth Entrepreneur Mentorship, Natural Disasters, Food Distribution, Books & Education, and The Arts.​


Germaine is the networking kingpin, an amazing writer and a wise soul, but most importantly he loves people. I am amazed by his deep thoughts and authentic approach to serve the next man. He has this mastery to make something better and bigger, while creating synergies and innovative ways to make a better world.


Entrepreneur, Author of "First Impressions"

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